Granite in Ottawa Creates a Warm, Inviting Ambiance in the Home

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granite ottawaThere are a variety of reasons that we renovate our homes – from fixing them up for sale, to replacing materials in poor repair, to just wanting to spice things up a little bit after years of the same style. Renovations give us the opportunity to change the way our home is presented to others, and also how we feel about being in there ourselves. There is perhaps no room in the home which receives more traffic, and therefore more use, than the kitchen and it is in this room that many home renovations begin.
A Timeless Look
One of the best parts of deciding to add granite countertops to your home is the instant style and elegance that it provides, in addition to the value it brings. When and if the time comes in which you decide to move, a beautiful granite countertop can be a great asset in making your home appealing to others. Granite is also a material which lends itself well to multiple paint colours and various decorative styles, which makes it an ideal addition to the home when it comes time to change something else.
Invest to Impress
Of course there may be other options which seem appealing at first because of lower costs, but the trick is to decide what that will cost you in the end. You may decide to install a beautiful new wooden countertop, only to find weeks later that a careless teenager or pet in your home has scratched the surface, marring the otherwise pristine look. Nothing draws the eye in as quick as an imperfection, and wood is quite susceptible to stains caused by heat and little nicks and cuts which at the very least may require sanding and a new finish, and at most may require complete replacement. Now how much is that going to cost you?
However, there are economical granites as well as high priced ones.  Supply and demand dictate the price.  Conversely, a granite countertop is nearly impossible to damage as it is not only one of the sturdiest stones known to man, but it also is heat resistant, meaning that the accidental placing of a cookie sheet directly on the material is virtually guaranteed to be repelled and the stone to remain unstained and uncracked. In fact, if not met with extenuating outside forces, it is very likely that your granite countertop will outlive the wood which is supporting it, and probably even outlive you! As an added bonus, you can enjoy the look in your friends' eyes as they feast their eyes upon your new kitchen luxury. There are few things people covet in their acquaintances homes more than sleek, polished granite and your home is sure to be a hit with your guests.
A Look for Any Room
There is certainly no rule which states that granite can only be used for kitchens. Many people are starting to experiment with colours such as shades of green and blue in the bathroom, and even shades of lighter greys for an office cabinet built into the wall. With this versatile material you can become your own designer, and think of many fun and exciting applications for it which will make your home a thing of beauty for years to come.